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Easy Dent Removal Tool™



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You can now repair your own car's dent in the comfort of your own home!

When you have a car you can't help the small, little dents that you acquire. You may acquire these dents through bad maneuvering, or forceful parking in small spaces. 

We really can't help it but the result is a dented car chassis. And it is so expensive just bringing your car to the auto shop just to fix the small dents in it. 


Here's what our customers have to say about it...

I am quite surprised at how well this works, I've actually been able to make a small time gig out of this and remove dents from other people's cars, it surprisingly has paid for itself, did not expect that! Thank you!
-Jorge Garza, San Diego, California


So to help you save money and time we present you the Easy Dent Removal Tool which enables you to remove dents like a professional!

Why buy our Dent Remover Tool? 

It saves you time and money. Dent Remover Tool can save a lot of money for you compared with the auto body shops. This Dent Remover Tool can help you repair your car by yourself for many times.

Thus it's very easy to use. This tool is suitable for anyone, especially for DIY works to save labor and money.

Last but not least, it keeps your vehicle spotless and flawless. With the dent remover tool, you can always keep your vehicle dent less and presentable.

How to use:

1. Choose an appropriate size gasket for the dented part.

2. Apply hot glue on the gasket and stick it to the dented part. Apply it quick before the hot glue hardened. 

3. Attach the puller to the gasket and start pulling until the dent is removed. 

4. Spray some alcohol to the tab and glue, wait for about 5mins till the alcohol penetrates into the glue, then it will be removed easily with the plastic shovel. We can't send the alcohol due to logistics restrictions. You will get 95% or 99% rubbing alcohol easily at any local pharmacy.


Package Includes:
1 x Dent T-Puller
18 x Blue Glue Tabs / Extractor

Save not just time and money but save your car all by yourself using the help of this professional Dent Remover Tool

No need to spend a thousand bucks or bring it to the auto body shop just to fix it. You can be the hero of your car, and you can watch and see what happens all on your own with this magnificent tool. 


If you are not satisfied for any reason we provide a 30-day RISK FREE guarantee, we're confident in our products and for any reason you're not satisfied we will take it back with no questions asked.

Easy Dent Removal Tool™

Easy Dent Removal Tool™